cretinism cretinism


  • (n) severe hypothyroidism resulting in physical and mental stunting


  1. Shortages of vitamin A, iron and iodine in India and Bangladesh are increasing the incidenceespecially among the youngof goiter, blindness and cretinism.
  2. With such intellectual cretinism and moral depravity ruling this world, it is a bleak future we face.
  3. A celebration of rapacious consumption and institutional cretinism, more like.


  • In December 1936, Durrell wrote to the American writer Henry Miller about this book: "Have planned the heraldic book, but lack reference books on psychology, the pathology of childhood, cretinism, genius, etc. LET US KILL THE LITERARY MEN ONCE AND...
    on Nov 29, 2007 By: Gerald Durrell Source: Al-Ahram Weekly

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