creamiest creamiest  /ˈkri mi ɪst/


  1. (adj) of the color of cream
  2. (adj) thick like cream


  1. His are the most spectacular tantrums the music world allows, the greatest adulation and the creamiest financial reward it bestows.
  2. In Greatest Love, Whitney dazzles in rehearsal rags and in a sequined evening gown that hangs elegantly from the world's creamiest shoulders.
  3. Once tasted, though, the creamiest, most copious milk seems indispensable.


  • Creamy homemade yogurt

    Itching for a summer project? Try making your own yogurt! With milk, active cultures, and a little bit of time you'll have the creamiest, smoothest yogurt you've ever tasted.
    on July 9, 2013     Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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