crankiest crankiest


  1. (adj) (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail
  2. (adj) easily irritated or annoyed


  1. But the trio might as well have been riding into the Valley of Death instead of invading the blustery pasture of America's crankiest ball park.
  2. The latest installment is probably the crankiest and talkiest of the lot: a huge collection of clips, quotes, yarns, letters, anecdotes, poor jokes, explanations and refutations.
  3. WELLites, who are among the crankiest people I've ever not met, are especially critical of the methodology, which was limited to 169 newbies living in Pittsburgh.


  • Holiday season events abound in East Contra Costa

    Communities throughout East County have filled their calendars with activities to welcome the holiday season -- enough to please the child in all of us down to the crankiest Scrooge.
    on November 20, 2013     Source: Concord Transcript


  1. Clive Churchill said of Jack Rayner in the book True Blue: "He was a brilliant tactician. I never saw a better forward in cover defence on the blind side than Rayner. Jack was the crankiest forward I played with but what a grand fellow he was."
    on May 16, 2008 By: Clive Churchill Source: The Age

  2. "When older, even the crankiest of us would accept them as proof that we were once a happy family," Sedaris writes about a few fleeting minutes when the family believed they were purchasing a beach house.
    on Jun 13, 2004 By: David Sedaris Source: Boston Globe (registration)

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