craftiest craftiest


  • (adj) marked by skill in deception



  1. Admirers tended to forgetBaruch never didthat in the forenoon of that career, he had also been one of Wall Street's craftiest speculators.
  2. Issues shouldn't be decided by the craftiest lawyers but on their merits.
  3. As the craftiest artist among American poets, he has attracted an audience who like his poems' sound and sensewithout quite knowing which is which.


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    Without Fox's 1992 X-Men cartoon, the modern "superhero movie" wouldn't exist. X-Men was Marvel's craftiest stab at turning their heroes into household names and mainstreaming the imaginative, bizarre mythology of comic books. The hand-drawn, hyperdetailed animated show introduced Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Professor X to an audience that hadn't ... More »        
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