counterespionage counterespionage  /ˌkaʊn tə ˈrɛ spi ə nɑdʒ/


  • (n) spying on the spies


  1. Already, the FBI has placed counterespionage squads of at least seven agents in all 56 of its field division offices over the past year.
  2. The rise in spies, along with increasing theft and embezzlements, has produced stronger counterespionage as well as more frequent lawsuits.
  3. The man at the wheel was Otto John, the expert in charge of all of West Germany's counterespionage.



  1. "Today's case is the result of an outstanding long-term counterespionage effort by many agents, analysts and prosecutors that has thus far yielded three convictions," said David Kris, assistant federal attorney general for national security....
    on May 13, 2009 By: David S. Kris Source: AFP

  2. "I wanted to move Liz Carlyle from the work she had been doing before, which was terrorism, to the counterespionage area," Rimington said. "And then I thought, what is it the Russians will be worrying about."
    on Jul 27, 2008 By: Stella Rimington Source: Houston Chronicle

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