counselled counselled


  1. (n) a lawyer who pleads cases in court
  2. (n) something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
  3. (v) give advice to


  1. Thereafter for eleven years Merry del Val at the Vatican counselled, conferred, carried out the policies of the peasant Pius.
  2. Both counselled against attempting to make and transmit Alternating Current, despite its comparative cheapness.
  3. Zinoviev, however, counselled the Reds not to lose heart.


  1. "We strongly counselled against emergency rule, but Pakistan's leadership did not follow our advice," Negroponte told Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
    on Nov 7, 2007 By: John Negroponte Source: Sify

  2. "I think you have to give President Musharraf some credit here, because while he made the decision to establish the emergency order - which we believed was a mistake, and we counselled against - he did take the step (to lift it)," Perino said.
    on Nov 29, 2005 By: Dana Perino Source: 940 News

  3. "We counselled president Carter against going to the region, in particular against having contact with Hamas," Rice told journalists on the sidelines of a conference about Iraq in Kuwait City.
    on Apr 22, 2008 By: Condoleezza Rice Source: Independent Online

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