cosmetically cosmetically  /ˌkɔz ˈmɛ tɪk li/


  • (adv) for cosmetic purposes to improve appearance


  1. But it's not just the plastic surgeons who help the cosmetically challenged.
  2. All that exercise paid off cosmetically in the film, Dern insists.
  3. In the boudoirand on Wall Street-the lotions look like the biggest thing cosmetically since the royal-queen-bee-jelly fad depleted pocketbooks in the mid-1950s.


  • First Looks: Braven 850 HD Wireless Speaker

    Announced at CES in January, Braven's newest model Braven 850 ($300) is its largest Bluetooth speaker yet -- a direct challenger to Jawbone's Big Jambox, with better features. Beyond dramatically improving sound and volume performance from the smaller, cosmetically similar Braven 650, Braven 850 is now able to wirelessly pair with a second speaker for expanded stereo sound, and use its ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: iLounge


  1. "As much as everyone would love it to go flying, I'm sure it's not going to come off," Mills says. "It can, once it gets hot, start to slide and come off, so I've pulled a sleeve over the top, which doesn't look as cosmetically good."
    on Mar 13, 2007 By: Heather Mills Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "It's a beauty and the beast thing cosmetically," Brolin says.
    on Jun 14, 2010 By: Josh Brolin Source: Toronto Sun

  3. "It has to do with your personal best, with what you can do cosmetically with your face as you get older," said Spitz, 58, whose beefcake poster (star-spangled Speedo, seven gold medals, wild-man mustache, no wrinkles) once adorned the bedroom...
    on Jul 30, 2008 By: Mark Spitz Source: San Jose Mercury News

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