correspondingly correspondingly  /ˌkɔ rə ˈspɑn dɪŋ li/


  • (adv) in a corresponding manner


  1. A quarter-pound of meat stimulates almost twice as much gastric juices as does a quarter-pound of bread or other carbohydrates, and is correspondingly better for normal digestion.
  2. Some of the pieces are the first in line to get hit by any defaults, so they offer relatively high yields; others are last to get hit, with correspondingly lower yields.
  3. This scenario would create doubts in the minds of America's friends--and, correspondingly, increase the assertiveness of its foes.


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  • "The likelihood of growing deficits in the unified budget is of especially great concern because the deficits would drain a correspondingly growing volume of real resources from private capital formation and cast an ever-larger shadow over the...
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