corniest corniest


  • (adj) dull and tiresome but with pretensions of significance or originality


  1. Incontestably the corniest, phoniest, ickiest and most monstrously vulgar of all the big Bible stories Hollywood has told in the last decade.
  2. He was too smart a fellow, and too cynical, to fall for one of the corniest plots in melodrama: the actor who is ensorcelled by his role.
  3. The most startlingand cornieststunt came last.



  1. Scully, 80, recalled stories of Jackie Robinson, while 97-year-old Wooden talked about coaching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who proclaimed Wooden's "Pyramid of Success" as "the corniest thing he'd ever seen," the coach said.
    on Jun 13, 2008 By: Vin Scully Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "All they remember," Mullin said, laughing, "is that I couldn't dunk and I wore tight (basketball) shorts. I'm the corniest thing going. I'll never make the Hall of Fame at my house."
    on Feb 18, 2007 By: Chris Mullin Source: Contra Costa Times

  3. "It's the corniest sort of ooga-booga native thing you could imagine," says Eichler of the politically incorrect curio. "Then it slowly dawns on him-it's not actually a statue, it's stuffed human skin."
    on Sep 24, 2008 By: Glenn Eichler Source:

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