contiguity contiguity


  • (n) the attribute of being so near as to be touching



  • Theory of Interest and Prices in Paper Currency Part III (Credit)

    In Part I ( ), we looked at the concepts of nonlinearity, dynamics, multivariate, state, and contiguity.
    on June 17, 2013     Source:


  1. If they do, they "will be able to establish an independent and viable Palestinian state, with territorial contiguity in Judea and Samaria, a state with full sovereignty and defined borders," Olmert said, referring to the West Bank by its...
    on Dec 11, 2006 By: Ehud Olmert Source: Washington Post

  2. Saying he wanted to address Palestinians, Sharon said, "We have no interest in controlling you. We are interested in you running your own lives, your own state -- a democratic Palestinian state with territorial contiguity in the West Bank and with...
    on Dec 18, 2003 By: Ariel Sharon Source: CNN

  3. "I see Maale Adumim as part of Jerusalem that will form territorial contiguity with the capital," Mofaz said.
    on Aug 2, 2004 By: Shaul Mofaz Source: USA Today

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