consequent consequent  /ˈkɑn sə kwənt/


  • (adj) following or accompanying as a consequence


  • W.E. "Ted" Guy Jr.: Flow way south of Lake Okeechobee a necessity

    Given the high likelihood of a failure of the Herbert Hoover Dike in a big tropical storm event with the consequent floods all the way to West Palm Beach, such as what happened in 1926 and 1928, a spillway and flow way south is a necessity.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Indian River Press Journal


  1. "The first half of 2008 saw the most difficult financial markets for several decades, marked by significant declines in profitability throughout much of our industry, with consequent recapitalisation and restructuring," said HSBC chairman...
    on Aug 4, 2008 By: Stephen Green Source: AFP

  2. "We are very disappointed at our fourth quarter result, and the consequent full-year net loss," Josef Ackermann, the bank's chief executive, said in a statement. "Looking forward, we see continuing very difficult conditions for the global...
    on Feb 4, 2009 By: Josef Ackermann Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. Asked at the news conference if he expects another "hot summer," Ahmadinejad said, "We hope that the hot weather of this summer would coincide with similar victories for the region's peoples and with consequent defeat for the region's enemies."
    on Jul 19, 2007 By: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Source: Washington Post

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