congest congest  /kən ˈdʒɛst/


  • (v) become or cause to become obstructed


Derived Word(s)


  • Sleep helps wash out the toxic gunk accumulating in our brains

    Like rain gutters or even public toilets, your brain operates at peak efficiency when there isn't congestive gunk accumulating in its pipes. Only instead of fall leaves or excessive toilet paper, the culprits often found clogging up your intricate neural circuitry are toxic molecules, which gather in the small gaps between brain cells and accumulate over time.
    on October 18, 2013     Source: The Week via Yahoo! News


  1. The Arsenal manager added: "At the moment, I feel we can score from everywhere - Rosicky, Fabregas they can score, Hleb maybe scores less, but he makes others score. The fact we are a passing team, that then makes others congest the centre. For us...
    on Jan 20, 2008 By: Arsene Wenger Source:

  2. "You don't see many big runs against them. You don't see a lot of 10-yard-plus runs; you might see one or two a game," said Lions quarterback Jon Kitna. "They really congest the middle and they do that with seven guys -- most teams have to...
    on Dec 2, 2006 By: Jon Kitna Source:

  3. "We've been talking to them about the diagonal balls," Nicol said. "When teams congest the middle of the field, they generally leave some space wide."
    on Jun 29, 2008 By: Steve Nicol Source: Boston Herald

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