confessor confessor


  1. (n) a priest who hears confession and gives absolution
  2. (n) someone who confesses (discloses information damaging to themselves)


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  1. "When you're a quarterback coach like Kevin, you are a father, confessor, a mentor, a coach," Childress said. "You're all of those things and you have to talk about all those things."
    on Sep 1, 2008 By: Brad Childress Source: Chicago Tribune

  2. "I don't get into debates with the pope," Giuliani said, according to Newsday. "Issues like that for me are between me and my confessor. ...... I'm a Catholic and that's the way I resolve those issues, personally and privately."
    on May 10, 2007 By: Rudy Giuliani Source: CBS News

  3. "I act as a father confessor to most of them: They come to me and I try to explain to them what the situation is at the present: These are good people who need to be fostered and not hit on the head," Dalli says, outlining his new paternal role...
    on Oct 5, 2009 By: John Dalli Source: Malta Today

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