companionable companionable


  • (adj) suggestive of companionship

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  1. In his fine and moving biography of Johnson, the novelist John Wain described The Lives of the Poets as "Johnson's gentlest, most companionable work...... I have been reading it for 30 years and can testify that in all that time I have never known...
    on Jul 23, 2009 By: John Wain Source: Independent

  2. "Each day," Katz writes, "the pair seems more companionable. Lenore looks for Brutus, and when she finds him, she sometimes challenges him to romp, occasionally rolling over and flirtatiously showing her belly. She isn't above giving his nose or ear...
    on Jun 28, 2008 By: Jon Katz Source: Baltimore Sun

  3. "There was no great running into arms or passionate kissing," reports Barrington-Coupe. "But it was very companionable and we began to care for each other deeply."
    on Mar 3, 2007 By: William Barrington-Coupe Source: Times Online

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