coiffed coiffed  /ˈkɔ ɪft/


  1. (n) the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair)
  2. (n) a skullcap worn by nuns under a veil or by soldiers under a hood of mail or formerly by British sergeants-at-law
  3. (v) cover with a coif
  4. (v) arrange attractively

Derived Word(s)


  1. You retrieve the wig later and appear properly coiffed for your husband.
  2. War-painted and Apache-coiffed, Wez has a mind that performs acrobatics of sadism and a scream that sounds like stripped gears.


  • WATCH: He is Ron Burgundy, and he is back in the new Anchorman 2 trailer

    Youtube The world's best-loved - and most-coiffed - newsreader is back in the long-anticipated sequel to The Anchorman. Nearly 10 years after the smash hit original, Will Ferrell's moustachioed broadcasting legend Ron Burgundy has reunited with his old team for a brand new assignment. Paul Rudd returns as...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: New York Post


  1. "For you mousse-coiffed, Mr. Gravitas TV anchor types and you sotto voce public radio types, please oh please stop saying Bay-zheeng," wrote Kaiser Kuo, who works for a China-based ad agency and wrote an online guide for journalists covering the...
    on Aug 15, 2008 By: Kaiser Kuo Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "Wilhelmina is all buttoned-up and tightly coiffed," Williams said. "I'm wearing a sundress right now; I love nice, cozy sweaters, not really stuff that's constrictive or tight-fitting. We're quite polar opposites."
    on Nov 9, 2007 By: Vanessa Williams Source: Washington Post

  3. "We can't do the 'Ronnie Radio' voice or be the perfectly coiffed anchor for eight straight hours," Vasgersian says. "This is going to evolve -- or devolve, depending on your point of view -- into a group of guys talking baseball. When you're...
    on Jan 1, 2009 By: Matt Vasgersian Source:

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