cocooning cocooning  /kə ˈku nɪŋ/


  • (n) retreating to the seclusion of your home (as for privacy or escape)


  • Tent caterpillars are on the move

    Tent caterpillars on Bell Street in mid-May are a sample of the pests’ incursion throughout the area. Sequim Gazette photo by Jay Cline “Gross” may be the nicest word to say about western tent caterpillars, now on the move en masse in Sequim yards and orchards to find suitable cocooning sites.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Sequim Gazette


  1. As Faludi sees it, after 9/11, "We reacted to trauma ...... not by interrogating it but by cocooning ourselves in the celluloid chrysalis of the baby boom's childhood."
    on Nov 3, 2007 By: Susan Faludi Source: AlterNet

  2. "More married people are cocooning with each other than ever before. And fewer married people say they have other friends and confidantes outside of marriage," says Coontz. "And that's probably a bad thing. Somehow we've gone from one extreme...
    on Feb 15, 2007 By: Stephanie Coontz Source: Hartford Courant

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