civvies civvies


  • (n) civilian garb as opposed to a military uniform


  • Man of Steel: Super Man … or Human God?

    Being Superman was so cool; that’s what decades of comics-reading boys thought. Outracing a locomotive, bending steel like licorice, leaping tall buildings, flying around saving people and sneaking into phone booths to slip out of your civvies and into your form-fitting red-and-blue outfit, with a cape as a manly fashion flourish. Sure, Lois Lane, the cutie-pie on the school newspaper, pretends ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Time Magazine


  1. "I certainly don't think we should go downtown in civvies," Coates said.
    on Aug 10, 2008 By: John Coates Source: Kings County Record

  2. Dr Sentamu said he had been given a Yorkie bar before the jump which had the line on it: "Not for civvies."
    on Jun 6, 2008 By: John Sentamu Source: Daily Mail

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