chromatographic chromatographic


  • (adj) of or relating to chromatography


  1. Although there is only the remotest chance that even a minority might be hazardous, further testing of many additives, by chromatographic techniques that did not exist when the .
  2. This can be done with the help of chloroform, benzine, a vacuum evaporator or steam bath, and a glass gadget known as a chromatographic column (available in any chemistry supply .
  3. The target of the chromatographic detective work performed by the bomb sniffer is the vapor from a chemical called ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN), one of the principal .


  • Chromatography Instrumentation Market Worth $10,008.3 Million by 2018 - Report by MarketsandMarkets

    Chromatography Instrumentation Market has seen an extraordinary amount of technological advancements in the last few years, as companies have introduced new systems that perform chromatographic procedures in a lesser amount of time and provide more detailed results. (PRWeb April 19, 2014) Read the ...
    on April 20, 2014     Source: PRWeb

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