chockablock chockablock


  • (adj) packed full to capacity


  1. Garden of the Gods Road, one of the town's main thoroughfares, is chockablock with business parks, housing such companies as Hewlett-Packard, the Rolm Corp.
  2. Meanwhile, the building that houses ACC's renewable-energy program is chockablock with bulletin boards touting jobs.
  3. Not the British director's best film but certainly his most: two chockablock hours of Sir John Gielgud intoning The Tempest while surrounded by naked babes and boys.


  • MLB Idiot of the Week

    Some had a better week than others. That’s really the most obvious sentiment you can take from a week chockablock filled with bloopers, blunders and public relation gaffes. Welcome to the weekly installment of “MLB Idiot of the Week,” where we breakdown the biggest dunderheads in the sport. Join MLB Lead Writer Zachary Rymer and MLB Contributor Gabe Zaldivar as they breakdown some rather ...
    on August 13, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. Clive Stafford Smith, a lawyer who represents the five men, said in an interview: "This is good news for everyone, even George Bush. For all his statements about wanting to close Guantanamo, he can't if it's chockablock. The Europeans have been...
    on Aug 7, 2007 By: Clive Stafford Smith Source: Washington Post

  2. Irwin said the snake must have fangs "chockablock full of venom", but is fairly gentle and non-aggressive unless it is angry.
    on Dec 29, 2006 By: Steve Irwin Source:

  3. "Our Scarborough and Mississauga colleges are already chockablock, and in the best of all worlds it would be nice on our downtown campus to give students more space, more grace and a nicer pace," University of Toronto President David Naylor said...
    on Feb 13, 2009 By: David Naylor Source: Mississauga News

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