chivvied chivvied


  • (v) annoy continually or chronically



  1. His voyages may have been as epochal as Author Arciniegas says they were, but for centuries one school of historians has held that he chivvied his friend Columbus out of his due.
  2. Trade ministers met and remet on the margins of Davos, chivvied into shape by the indefatigable Pascal Lamy, director general of the World Trade Organization.
  3. Parade's End, his tetralogy about a last Tory gentlemanthe much-chivvied Christopher Tietjensmirrors, with love and squalor, the death of prewar British society.


  1. "We chivvied each other along in France," said Llewellyn. "We'd occasionally travel back and fore to Wales together and when Narbonne played Toulouse I'd go and stay with him and his wife Jemma." "You have to respect anyone who's given...
    on May 22, 2007 By: Gareth Llewellyn Source: ic Wales

  2. The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Blair's move was "essentially pushing to one side all hopes that America would be chivvied or bullied to signing up to the Kyoto agreement".
    on Mar 28, 2006 By: Nick Robinson Source: BBC News

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