chives chives  /ˈtʃaɪvz/


  1. (n) perennial having hollow cylindrical leaves used for seasoning
  2. (n) cylindrical leaves used fresh as a mild onion-flavored seasoning



  1. He tops shrimp a la plancha, below, with micro chives, micro cilantro and micro mint, and accents a vibrant orecchiette in green garlic curry with micro Thai basil.
  2. That did appear to be the case; the distinctive craters left by cluster bombs marked a vegetable and herb garden, releasing an incongruous aroma of onions and chives amid the debris.
  3. The design work for the issue, including illustrations drawn largely from historical ar chives, was done by Assis tant Art Director Wade Hancock.


  1. More gardeners are preserving herbs

    Chives grow in a kitchen garden near Langley. Culinary herbs are among the hottest trends in gardening. They also are popular among families who preserve fresh foods for later use.
    on July 4, 2013     Source: Everett Herald

  2. It's Time to ...

    Harvest chives. Harvesting chives (Allium schoenoprasum) is a cut-and-come-again operation, providing a ready supply throughout the growing season. Now that the pale purple flowers have passed their prime, cut the grasslike leaves and flower stems all the way to the ground. It won't be long before new leaves pop up, ready for the next harvest.
    on June 29, 2013     Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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  1. "I don't want foreign smells. One year we had garlic chives growing in our backyard. We cut them all down and we had garbage bags full of garlic chives. We had to get rid of them because the garbage collectors wouldn't take them. My partner said,...
    on Dec 8, 2005 By: Christine Cushing Source: Globe and Mail

  2. "Red pepper, mustard, horseradish and chives," Chastain says before the owner, Carlos, can answer. "Very good. You want a part-time job?"
    on Jul 20, 2004 By: Brandi Chastain Source: USA Today

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