chimeric chimeric


  • (adj) being or relating to or like a chimera



  1. Create a single chimeric human with the tissues of another and the very sense of self goes wobbly.
  2. More perplexing to the team was the fact that the chimeric state is not permanent, with the immune system eventually returning to its original state.
  3. But beneath the chimeric legend lies a purposeful, pragmatic Communist whose aim is the conquest of all Southeast Asia.


  • This Wacky Sci-Fi Plane-Helicopter Hybrid Was Totally Almost a Thing

    By the end of WWII, the basics of helicopter technology as we know it had generally been worked out—and we'd begun to reach the aircraft's physical limitations. For the US Air Force, the solution to the issue running up against these performance walls was simple: Combine the best parts of a helicopter and jet together, creating the chimeric delta-wing Convertiplane. Read more...        
    on November 18, 2013     Source: Gizmodo


  • "There are other ways to advance medicine and human health besides going out into the strange, brave new world of chimeric animals," Rifkin said, adding that sophisticated computer models can substitute for experimentation on live animals....
    on Jan 27, 2005 By: Jeremy Rifkin Source: World Forum

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