chattier chattier


  1. (adj) full of trivial conversation
  2. (adj) prone to friendly informal communication


  1. The 26 articles that make up this book are also aimed more at the swinger than the history hound, but they are chattier and more discursive.
  2. The plot is more complicated than this--and much chattier.
  3. Their styles differed: John Kennedy spoke briskly, changing the subject whenever the conversation began to lag, while Harold Macmillan preferred a chattier, more leisurely pace.


  • Does the Fed talk too much?

    If recent market volatility is any indication, a chattier Fed has sometimes added confusion.
    on August 27, 2013     Source: CNN Money


  • "What's evident this year vs. last year is us being comfortable, knowing what we are capable of doing," linebacker Ben Leber said. "Now that we have that year under our belt you can tell everybody is a lot chattier. We understand what is...
    on Sep 1, 2005 By: Ben Leber Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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