centralization centralization  /ˌsɛn trə lɪ ˈzeɪ ʃən/


  1. (n) the act of consolidating power under a central control
  2. (n) gathering to a center



  1. Its the coordination and centralization thats important here.
  2. This kind of centralization always makes sense in the beginning, when cost savings are easy and the staff is lean.
  3. Vice President Adel Abdel-Mahdi, a prominent Shi'ite, has openly criticized the centralization of power in the Prime Minister's office.


  • Peter Gardett: What Are You Bringing to New York Energy Week?

    The industry has too long been defined by a mindset that doesn't allow for creative cross-fertilization of ideas and best practices, a mindset that includes a manifesto of reliability built for an economic model of scale and centralization that is quickly passing out of relevance.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: The Huffington Post


  1. "For over 40 years, Quebecers had to choose between centralization and separation," Harper told the crowd of some 500 local businessmen.
    on Dec 8, 2007 By: Stephen Harper Source: Canada.com

  2. "The week will be an evaluation of players who are working towards the 2009 IIHF world women's championship and final Olympic centralization roster," head coach Melody Davidson said. "It's therefore an important week for these players as we...
    on Sep 9, 2008 By: Melody Davidson Source: Canada.com

  3. We must therefore all support "large armies and air forces, atomic energy, central intelligence, war production boards and the attendant centralization of power in Washington," wrote Buckley.
    on Jun 18, 2005 By: William F Buckley Jr Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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