catchier catchier


  1. (adj) having concealed difficulty
  2. (adj) likely to attract attention



  1. Oddly the verse is catchier than the chorus.
  2. Many a musical has been fresher, cleverer, more original; several Cole Porter shows have had wittier lyrics, catchier tunes.
  3. Find a catchier name, streamline its responsibilities and bring it up to Cabinet level.


  • Fug Me Maybe

    Do you think that when Carly Rae Jepson here is suck in traffic listening to “Get Lucky” on the radio for the 3rd time in 45 minutes, she thinks to herself, “that was ME last summer”? Ah, summer earworms, you make all of our heatwaves just a little bit catchier.
    on June 28, 2013     Source: Go Fug Yourself


  • "When I write lyrics, it seems to come back to how I feel about my family," says Madden. "Benji's songs are catchier and a bit more fun."
    on Oct 19, 2009 By: Joel Madden Source: Rolling Stone

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