carambola carambola


  1. (n) East Indian tree bearing deeply ridged yellow-brown fruit
  2. (n) deeply ridged yellow-brown tropical fruit; used raw as a vegetable or in salad or when fully ripe as a dessert


  • Beautiful but without much discernible flavor are the fanciful winged string beans from the Philippines, while Southeast Asia's carambola, or star fruit, has crispness as its sole .


  • Yes, in Portsmouth, sunken boats will be towed

    PORTSMOUTH You could call the Carambola a ghost ship of sorts. The 24-foot sailboat listed - without a crew - in Craford Bay for years, before sinking some time in late 2012 or early this year. It left no clue on who abandoned it. Since then, it had been submerged, except at low tide, when a few feet of its mast would peer above the ripples. Even so, most passers-by didn't spot it.
    on July 11, 2013     Source: The Virginian-Pilot

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