byte byte  /ˈbaɪt/


  • (n) a sequence of 8 bits (enough to represent one character of alphanumeric data) processed as a single unit of information


  1. Beneath the bits and bytes that shape the character of Silicon Valley, there's a booming digital subculture committed to the art of self-improvement, geek style.
  2. The forces that were reshaping the world weren't political or cultural anymore; they were technological, and if you knew where the bits and bytes were buried, you had the power.
  3. In a time when everything comes to us in bits and bytes, Rowling has made storytelling cool again.


  • Watch Superman's Life Unfold on a White Board

    Unfamiliar with the story of Superman? If you don't have much time, but still want to learn about his life, then this video is perfect for you. In honor of the release of Man of Steel , the folks over at AV Byte created this video depicting the life of the estranged Kryptonite and his rise to one of the great superheroes of our generation SEE ALSO: The 10 Most Viral YouTube Videos of 2012 ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Mashable


  1. "Anytime it's a big game, you guys (reporters) get on that guy pretty good and look for a sound byte," Marcus Spears said. "He's taking a different road. he's letting 5-0 speak for him right now."
    on Oct 10, 2007 By: Marcus Spears Source: Forbes

  2. "It's a great sound byte," Sweeney said of Christie's plan, but "a constitutional amendment would do nothing but harm New Jersey."
    on Jun 25, 2010 By: Stephen Sweeney Source: The Star-Ledger -

  3. "It certainly wouldn't have been much fun to have made Byte and Switch's 'Top 10 Startups to Watch' only to have it be rated a mistake six months later, so I can definitely say that we are pleased that the editors felt they made an outstanding...
    on Oct 31, 2007 By: Peter Harvey Source: Business Wire (press release)

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