businessperson businessperson  /ˈbɪz nə ˈspɜr sən/


  • (n) a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise


  1. Then in the afternoon, I'm a businessperson.
  2. Gu Chujun, once head of a leading appliance company, was ranked China's 20th richest businessperson by Forbes in 2001.
  3. But I ultimately decided I'd like to spend more of my time as a businessperson.


  • Seven Android Apps Delivering Users from Professional and Personal Sin by @content_muse

    The businessperson of today has more options than those of yore. But, despite our conveniences and trespassed tech advancements, we have not found way to gain more energy or time. Doh! We can’t slow time or speed production (too much), but we can be mindful of how we organize ourselves, straying from cardinal sins [...] Author information Anthony ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Search Engine Journal


  1. "I'm not much of a businessperson," Mr Wales said. "I just think, if we provide something people enjoy, they'll come and we'll figure out how to make money. How much money? I don't know." "I don't really get analysts on these things, I...
    on Mar 26, 2007 By: Jimmy Wales Source: Geelong Advertiser

  2. "Ask any businessperson, and he or she will tell you that this is the best time to have a business in India and also find your way to do business in other countries of the world," said Chidambaram Wednesday at the Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium of...
    on Sep 27, 2007 By: P Chidambaram Source: Indian Muslims

  3. "I always envisioned myself has an NFL football player, as an engineer and as a successful businessperson. These very same tactics I use on the field every Sunday," said Walker, who was recently traded to the Buffalo Bills from Philadelphia.
    on May 10, 2007 By: Darwin Walker Source: Carlisle Sentinel

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