busied busied  /ˈbɪ zid/


  1. (v) keep busy with
  2. (adj) actively or fully engaged or occupied
  3. (adj) overcrowded or cluttered with detail
  4. (adj) intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner
  5. (adj) crowded with or characterized by much activity
  6. (adj) (of facilities such as telephones or lavatories) unavailable for use by anyone else or indicating unavailability; (`engaged' is a British term for a busy telephone line)


  1. Next day in The Hague, she and Carlos were toasted with champagne by the Dutch Cabinet, and busied themselves with wedding plans.
  2. For the next decade he busied himself grabbing up oil properties in Venezuela, Mexico, California.
  3. Meanwhile, the Sudanese government has busied itself organizing blocs of solidarity against a possible prosecution.



  1. "I busied myself arranging the apparatus all the time watching the boys as they arrived to observe their attitude that day," Naismith wrote in cursive script.
    on Nov 13, 2006 By: James Naismith Source: ESPN

  2. "What makes him tick? No doubt he is busy. No doubt he is deluded by that busyness. No doubt being Prime Minister fills his entire consideration and froths his sense of busied importance to the very brim. And no doubt he sounds and governs like one...
    on Apr 16, 2007 By: Yann Martel Source: Reuters Canada

  3. "Bin Laden has realised that some Sunnis have busied themselves with fighting al Qaeda rather than the occupation and this is a great success for the United States," Atwan said.
    on Oct 23, 2007 By: Abdel Bari Atwan Source: Reuters

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