burgoo burgoo


  1. (n) porridge made of rolled oats
  2. (n) a gathering at which burgoo stew is served
  3. (n) thick spicy stew of whatever meat and whatever vegetables are available; southern United States


  1. The Sterns' nation is one with at least a few places still serving the Kentucky burgoo (thick stew) Kurlansky dug up in those WPA files, as well as South Carolina perloo (meat-and .
  2. Cincinnati felt comfortably full last week with some 5,000 of the 800,000 on handmarching, singing, trapshooting, eating "burgoo" (Kentucky stew), watching fireworks.


  • A secret to the Arenzville burgoo? Tony Thomas won't tell you

    If there is a secret to the village of Arenzville’s burgoo, Tony Thomas knows it. Is it paprika? The quality of the meat used in the soup? A certain blend of spices? Is there something to that timewor
    on August 19, 2013     Source: Jacksonville Journal-Courier

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