bummed bummed  /ˈbəmd/


  1. (n) a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible
  2. (n) a disreputable vagrant
  3. (n) person who does no work
  4. (n) the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
  5. (v) ask for and get free; be a parasite
  6. (v) be lazy or idle
  7. (adj) of very poor quality; flimsy



  1. The software giant is spending $100 million to market its new search engine, Bing and in the process, to get us all bummed about Google.
  2. Phil and I belched the satisfied belches of men who have just bummed a meal off a century's worth of accomplishments by toothless, battered professional athletes.
  3. I'm pretty sure what he meant was that he's bummed he hasn't become as big a star as people thought he would, and he thinks his new movie will help him change that.


  1. Video: Want to See Bands at Bonnaroo Without a Ticket? Here's How!

    Today is the kickoff of Bonnaroo Music Festival in rural Tennessee, arguably the most rugged musical pilgrimage that fans will make this Summer. For four days, some 80,000 of them will endure humidity, heat, and bugs for the reward of a seriously jam-packed lineup plus comedy, film, home brews, and more. If you're bummed that you didn't snag a ticket to this entertainment mayhem in the middle of ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: PopSugar

  2. Listen to the Civil Wars' new song, 'The One That Got Away'

    A bit of good news for roots-music fans bummed out by Tuesday's announcement that Mumford & Sons bassist Ted Dwane had undergone brain surgery : The Civil Wars are back with a new single.        
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. Microsoft exec on Xbox One: No Internet? Get an Xbox 360

    (Credit: Microsoft) Bummed out because the Xbox One requires an Internet connection? Microsoft has some advice for you: stick with an Xbox 360. In an interview with Spike TV at the E3 show Tuesday, Xbox executive Don Mattrick responded to the complaints about the Xbox One's demand for an Internet connection. Mattrick described the $499 Xbox One , coming in November, as " a future-proof choice ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: CNET


  1. "Gosh, what a race car we had," Gordon said afterward. "That's what I'm bummed out the most about...... we just had such an awesome race car."
    on Apr 19, 2010 By: Jeff Gordon Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram

  2. "When it first happened, he said he was 'bummed.' That was the exact word," Cashman said. "Alex texted me and he was really positive. He is excited. This is what he wanted to do."
    on Mar 8, 2009 By: Brian Cashman Source: ESPN

  3. "I'm happy for his opportunity to have a chance to play," said Leinart, who, ironically, is now a backup with the Arizona Cardinals. "I'm bummed for Tom. You just hope he can heal as well as he can and get back out there as soon as he can....
    on Sep 8, 2008 By: Matt Leinart Source: Forbes

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