bullet-headed bullet-headed


  1. (adj) obstinate and stupid
  2. (adj) having a small round head



  1. Looked at from a distance, it was clear the bullet-headed dealmaker Paulson was going to squeeze what he wanted out of Congress.
  2. At Bratislava a fat, bullet-headed Roman Catholic priest walked to the gallows.
  3. With the Communists safely in power, Hungary's bullet-headed top Communist Matyas Rakosi decided the time had come to tell everybody how they got there.


  • Read this: Vladimir Putin is back on the market

    A certain bullet-headed, tranquil-browed, bare-chested, hang-gliding, tiger cub-fondling world leader is soon to be single again: Vladimir Putin is getting divorced.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Washington Post

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