bubblier bubblier


  1. (n) a white sparkling wine either produced in Champagne or resembling that produced there
  2. (adj) emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation
  3. (adj) full of or showing high spirits


  • Not far from Cruess Hall, Dinsmoor Webb, a trained chemist, heads an even bubblier enterprise: Davis' 98-year-old program of viticulture (grape production) and oenology .


  • Make Your Day Sparkle with New DASANI Sparkling

    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Your day just got a little bubblier! America’s favorite water brand introduces DASANI Sparkling Water Beverage - a refreshing way to help fulfill your hydration needs- with water, a hint of flavor, and bubbles. DASANI Sparkling is unsweetened, has zero calories, is lightly carbonated and infused with natural flavors. The new product offers crisp, clean refreshment at ...
    on October 26, 2013     Source: Business Wire

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