brush brush  /b ˈrəʃ/


  1. (n) a dense growth of bushes
  2. (n) an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
  3. (n) momentary contact
  4. (n) conducts current between rotating and stationary parts of a generator or motor
  5. (n) a bushy tail or part of a bushy tail (especially of the fox)
  6. (n) a minor short-term fight
  7. (n) the act of brushing your teeth
  8. (n) the act of brushing your hair
  9. (n) contact with something dangerous or undesirable
  10. (v) rub with a brush, or as if with a brush
  11. (v) touch lightly and briefly
  12. (v) clean with a brush
  13. (v) sweep across or over
  14. (v) remove with or as if with a brush
  15. (v) cover by brushing

Derived Word(s)


  1. Take a break from that ice cream to brush.
  2. At the Institute of Hygiene, London, Sir James Cantlie attacked tooth brushes and hats, advocated warming pans.
  3. All good Americans brush their teeth, but most of them do it wrong.


  1. Small brush fire reported on Peavine in northwest Reno

    A small brush fire has been reported on the north side of Peavine Peak in northwest Reno, according to scanner traffic.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

  2. Brush Fire Burns 35 Acres in Highgrove

    A brush fire scorched some 35 acres in the Riverside County community of Highgrove.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: NBC Los Angeles

  3. Brush Recreation planning Vegas/Grand Canyon community journey

    The City of Brush Recreation Department is gearing up for an adventure that will take participants to the lights of Las Vegas and the beauty of the Grand Canyon during a community trip slated for Sept.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: The Fort Morgan Times

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  1. "It's just become part of my life, a part of my everyday life," Bosh said. "It's like you brush your teeth every day. That's how it is for me. I know as soon as I walk out the door, somebody is going to ask me something about where I'm going...
    on Jun 24, 2010 By: Chris Bosh Source: The Associated Press

  2. Asked about the former president's "war on terror" terminology, Obama said: "We cannot paint with a broad brush a faith as a consequence of the violence that is done in that faith's name."
    on Jan 27, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. "For the people who say ...... well I've heard people say that I don't really care about this too much and I just brush it off my shoulders. Those people don't know me. Because this thing regarding USC and the NCAA is to me the closest thing to...
    on Jun 16, 2010 By: Reggie Bush Source: Los Angeles Times (blog)

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