brown-green brown-green


  • (adj) of green tinged with brown


  1. The green is in fact multicolored--brown-green, gray-green, yellow, smoke, even red.
  2. In most places Coke has blended into the local scene as if the brown-green of its bottles and the fire-brigade red of its advertising were some kind of protective coloring.
  3. Once they wore khaki and blue dungarees; now they were clad in mottled yellow-brown-green coveralls that blended with the deep color and shadow of the tropics.


  • Tribeca Review: Why the Moody Drama 'Gabriel' Is Rory Culkin's Best Performance

    When we first see Rory Culkin in the opening minutes of "Gabriel," the feature-length debut of Lou Howe, there's an alarming uneasiness to his presence. The actor's jittery brown-green eyes suggest a paradoxical state at once fully alert and lost in another world. Culkin remains that way for the duration of the movie, which finds the title character struggling with mental health issues in the ...
    on April 18, 2014     Source: indieWIRE

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