broadness broadness


  • (n) the property of being wide; having great width


  1. Director Oscar Williams emphasizes the broadness and artificiality of the material and encourages his actors to play big.
  2. For one thing, though Billion Dollar Baby has the broadness of burlesque, it has the brightness only fitfully.
  3. Like a Daumier-lawyer print brought to life, he knows the precise satirical boiling point where caricature reveals character, where broadness of humor acquires the beef of wit.


  • Movie Review: ‘Walking with the Enemy’

    Although the subject matter has import and gravitas, much of the donning-Nazi-costumes and narrow-escape footage registers as much less than convincing, sometimes presenting a level of broadness that recalls "Hogan’s Heroes."
    on April 24, 2014     Source: CBS Philadelphia


  1. "For a project of this magnitude, Reliance Communications needed a supplier with a deep understanding of and experience with the leading wireless technologies. Alcatel-Lucent is unique in the broadness of its wireless portfolio and the depth of its...
    on Jul 11, 2007 By: Patricia Russo Source:

  2. "You know, everybody does an impersonation of Hepburn," Mulgrew says, sitting down in a Union Square hotel suite with a glass of Perrier. "Drag queens, most notoriously and probably the most brilliantly. Because there is a real broadness to...
    on Jun 1, 2005 By: Kate Mulgrew Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  3. "Part of what people loved about the novel was its sense of largeness, and the way people talked to each other," Russo says. "Paul wanted the broadness of the canvas to stay intact."
    on May 25, 2005 By: Russo Source: USA Today

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