briskness briskness


  • (n) liveliness and eagerness



  1. With the narrative briskness of Amelie and a nimble political savvy, Good Bye, Lenin! is a romantic comedy so smart and sweetly mature, it's liberating.
  2. Raiders represents Spielberg's best work in years, a return to the briskness and coherence that have been missing since Jaws.
  3. Another late-summer decline is expected, and the briskness of both the circulation's recovery and its growth above 1.


  1. State gears up for snow

    CHARLESTON, W.Va.--The briskness of fall is drifting into colder weather with some snow in West Virginias higher elevations and freeze watches forecast for several counties, meteorologists at the National Weather Service say. "We have a...
    on October 23, 2013     Source: Charleston Daily Mail

  2. Today's Tennessee Valley weather: Unseasonably cold with high near 55, low near 37

    The sun will be out but the high should only reach the mid-50s, more than 15 degrees below normal. A northwest wind between 10 and 15 mph could add to the briskness.
    on October 23, 2013     Source: The Huntsville Times


  1. "We had a little briskness in the air tonight," said Steve Spurrier, "so we had a spirited workout. We're trying to win us a ballgame. We realize that we had some chances the last couple of weeks, and we didn't quite do it. We go on, and we...
    on Oct 30, 2007 By: Steve Spurrier Source: (subscription)

  2. New York Times critic Ben Brantley wrote that Fonda "exudes an aura of beleaguered briskness that flirts poignantly with the ghost of her spiky, confrontational screen presence as a young woman."
    on Mar 11, 2009 By: Ben Brantley Source: Bloomberg

  3. "It went terrific," Cooper said. "We just had to shorten it because of the wind. We thought it'd be best to cut it down a little and get the guys in because of the briskness of the wind."
    on Feb 18, 2007 By: Cecil Cooper Source: Houston Chronicle

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