briony briony


  • (n) a vine of the genus Bryonia having large leaves and small flowers and yielding acrid juice with emetic and purgative properties


  1. 'Downton Abbey' Star's Wife Killed by Train in Apparent Suicide

    Actress Briony McRoberts, wife of “Downton Abbey” star David Robb, was killed by a train in London last week in an apparent suicide.
    on July 22, 2013     Source: Extra TV

  2. 'Downton Abbey' star David Robb's wife Briony McRoberts dead from apparent suicide

    Briony McRoberts, a Scottish actress who was married to "Downton Abbey" star David Robb, has taken her own life at the age of 56
    on July 20, 2013     Source: Zap2It


  1. "She's a kind of alter ego," McEwan said. "I gave her some of my own childhood. I was a rather private, inward little boy, very much a daydreamer. I liked secrets and kept notebooks. Like Briony, I wish I had more secrets to keep and was very...
    on May 12, 2008 By: Ian McEwan Source: Bloomberg

  2. "I had been trying to find a formula whereby the same actress could play the young Briony and the (slightly older) Briony," Hampton explains. "That idea would have involved casting a 15-year-old actress who could have gone both ways. And I am...
    on Dec 27, 2007 By: Christopher Hampton Source: Washington Post

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