brassiest brassiest


  1. (adj) resembling the sound of a brass instrument
  2. (adj) tastelessly showy
  3. (adj) unrestrained by convention or propriety


  1. The answer, as given by the brassiest brass hats in the area: Three weeks ago it began to look as if the Japanese had decided they did not want to invade Australia.
  2. The visiting correspondent was the heftiest and one of the brassiest women of the Washington press corps, and she covered Germany like a rough-riding Valkyrie.
  3. Staffers on France-Soir, the brightest, brassiest and widest-read daily in Paris, are used to the boss's violent temper tantrums.


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    Eddie Shapiro knows there is nothing like a dame. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein wrote a song about it. Shapiro wrote an entire 364-page book. He interviewed 20 of the Great White Way’s biggest, boldest, brassiest women for “Nothing Like A Dame: Conversations with the Great Women of Musical Theater.”
    on April 7, 2014     Source: Naples Daily News

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