brainy brainy  /b ˈreɪ ni/


  • (adj) having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence



  1. In office, Arroyo intends to be the reverse image of her disgraced predecessor, Joseph Estrada: brainy, focused and, well, sober.
  2. But she was a brainy graduate of the University of Chicago with common sense who hired good people and learned to fire those who weren't.
  3. Now their powerful new album takes all the band's media-glare anguish and alchemizes it into noisy, brainy rock 'n' roll.


  • Who is: Rush Holt?

    Rush Holt’s polling 40-plus points behind better-known Newark Mayor Cory Booker for the Senate special election to replace the late-Sen. Frank Lautenberg, but that's not stopping the brainy Holt from taking the fight right to Booker. "I’m Rush Holt. And I’ll be …
    on June 20, 2013     Source: MSNBC: First Read


  1. Dowd wrote that Wilson "clearly did not like being lectured and even rebuked by the brainy black president presiding over the majestic chamber."
    on Sep 13, 2009 By: Maureen Dowd Source: FOXNews

  2. "Designing Women" co-star Annie Potts told that the tragic star was a "goddess," further describing Carter as "Beautiful and brainy, smart and funny, prim and sexy, wickedly talented and divinely sweet."
    on Apr 12, 2010 By: Annie Potts Source: AHN | All Headline News

  3. In "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life," Viswanathan wrote about Miss Moneypenny, the secretary to James Bond's boss in 007 movies: "Moneypenny was the brainy female character. Yet another example of how every girl had to be one or...
    on Apr 24, 2006 By: Megan McCafferty Source: Washington Post

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