braggart braggart


  1. (n) a very boastful and talkative person
  2. (adj) exhibiting self-importance


  1. He was a bully, a braggart and a rebel with a big chip on his shoulder.
  2. The answer was half right because Pistol is a cowardly braggart.
  3. But the post-colonial moment ultimately demanded an individual touch--whether of warrior, statesman, braggart or showman.


  • If You Must Cheat, Cheat Quietly

    Late last week, a Pennsylvania woman made the national news after the Facebook post in which she outed a cheating braggart and/or liar went viral. "If this is your husband, I have endured a 2 hour train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple ... More »
    on June 11, 2013     Source: New York Magazine


  1. "Sam is by no means a sainted figure in this play," Sullivan, the director, said in an e-mail to the AP. "He's a braggart, who, like his brother Max, has a bloated sense of his own self worth; he's in complete denial of how others treat him...
    on Feb 12, 2008 By: Daniel Sullivan Source: 680 News

  2. Speaking to thousands of students at the University of Tehran on Friday, Haniyeh said: "The braggart of the world [the United States] and the Zionists ...... want us to accept the theft of Palestinian lands, stop the jihad and the resistance and...
    on Dec 10, 2006 By: Ismail Haniyeh Source: Ha'aretz

  3. "The joy of Beowulf, for me, is that it's about this monstrous self-absorbed braggart hero who really is a hero - but he's everything else as well," Gaiman says. "For me, the engine that drives the film is when we revisit him 40 years later...
    on Nov 19, 2007 By: Neil Gaiman Source:

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