boxful boxful


  • (n) the quantity contained in a box


  1. Then, in a surprising and symbolic gesture, he released a boxful of doves.
  2. This he smartly did by taking with him a large boxful of the said soil, upon which he squatted in London when he ate his meals, quaffed Jaipur water.
  3. Told that the planes were sold out, Wilson protested that there had been a whole boxful the day before.


  • Revisiting 'A Band Called Death'

    David Hackney left his brother, Bobby, a boxful of master tapes from their long-defunct band Death and these prophetic last words: “The world’s gonna come looking for these one day.” He knew what his brother didn’t believe. His dreams would go unrealized in life. In 2000, he died of cancer. read more
    on June 27, 2013     Source: The Michigan Daily


  • "When you see Manny doing things like that, that tells you if were going to be in the playoffs or not," Ortiz said. "I mean, Manny is a boxful of surprises. I'm telling you right now, the guy can go from the best game to the worst ever, from...
    on Sep 30, 2005 By: David Ortiz Source: Boston Globe

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