bottle-shaped bottle-shaped


  • (adj) shaped like a bottle


  1. You take your bottle, insert it in the bottle-shaped bubble wrap bag and seal it up air-tight.
  2. The pungi is a bottle-shaped gourd with two reeds or bamboos inserted.
  3. It is known locally as the palo borracho, or drunk pole, for its bottle-shaped trunk another hint of the intoxicating nature of Seville in autumn.


  • The most controversial merchandise of 6 major retailers

    Remember Urban Outfitters' pill bottle-shaped flask and "Navajo hipster panty?" We wish we didn't. And yet somehow, despite all the bureaucracy required to take a retail item from conception to shelves, retailers still manage to green light offensive items, inciting widespread backlash and leaving PR departments scrambling to issue apologies.
    on August 29, 2013     Source: The Week via Yahoo! News

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