booger booger


  1. (n) an imaginary monster used to frighten children
  2. (n) dried nasal mucus



  1. Smartest little booger you'd ever hope to meet.
  2. Not to mention that the villain in El Mariachi goes by the nickname of Moco, Mexican for booger.
  3. Today she sobbed for 10 minutes after I extracted a booger.


  • Power of the Mic Comedy Show

    Performers include Redd Baby, Mercer Morrison, Mark, Brooks, Antoine "Booger" Brown and newcomer Manu Adisa. Enjoy music from No Script featuring Keyone' and DJ Dawggiedawg.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Jackson Free Press


  1. "I'm glad I'm around guys like (McFarland)," said Sanders. "A lot of teams don't have veteran guys who really bring in the younger guys and take them under their wing, and Booger is that type of guy. And he's made a lot of plays for us."
    on Jan 30, 2007 By: Bob Sanders Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  2. "We used to win this way a lot when I was [head coach] with the Bucs," Colts coach Tony Dungy said. "I was talking to Booger McFarland on the sidelines and we were kind of reminiscing about that. It was 'Buc Ball' out there in this game. We...
    on Jan 14, 2007 By: Tony Dungy Source: Newsday

  3. "Y'all are looking at me like I got a booger on my face," Missy joked as she used a crutch to stand up. "I wasn't playing no football or basketball. I was dancing, doing the wrong moves, so I'll be sittin' down for a minute."
    on Nov 23, 2005 By: Missy Elliott Source:

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