bonesetter bonesetter


  • (n) someone (not necessarily a licensed physician) who sets broken bones


  1. Sir Herbert Atkinson Barker, whose name bonesetters use as incantation against the curses of.
  2. A boy playing in the yard fell and broke his arm; his mother rushed him not to a doctor but to a kuesero, a bonesetter with no formal training.
  3. A talented bonesetter, he performed 18,000 operations in 14 years, mostly on feudists, miners, railroad men.


  • Amy Tan

    Amy Tan is the author of THE JOY LUCK CLUB, THE KITCHEN GOD'S WIFE, THE HUNDRED SECRET SENSES, THE BONESETTER'S DAUGHTER, THE OPPOSITE OF FATE: Memories of a Writing Life, SAVING FISH FROM DROWNING, and two children's books, THE MOON LADY and SAGWA, which was adapted into a PBS Kids production. Tan was also a coproducer and coscreenwriter of the film version of THE JOY LUCK CLUB. Her essays and ...
    on November 16, 2013     Source: Book Reporter

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