bobtail bobtail


  1. (n) a short or shortened tail of certain animals
  2. (n) large sheepdog with a profuse shaggy bluish-grey-and-white coat and short tail; believed to trace back to the Roman occupation of Britain
  3. (adj) having a short or shortened tail



  1. From then on, Author Duncan's ragtag, bobtail characters resemble Betty MacDonald's farmers, except that his chickens lay golden eggs.
  2. Nevertheless, the Coughlin penny dreadful, Social Justice, baits Jews blatantly and increasingly; so do the ragtag bobtail who make up a large part of the Coughlin following.
  3. Every white, brown or yellow resident who hopes the New Deal will deal the islands four aces instead of a bobtail flush repeats those words.


  • Squee! Octopus Hatchling Spotted by Deep-Sea Explorer

    A teeny octopus hatchling still cradled in its egg, a bubblegum pink coral and a bug-eyed bobtail squid are among the darling creatures spied by a deep-ocean explorer plying canyons off the northeastern coast of the United States.
    on August 6, 2013     Source: via Yahoo! News


  1. "Do you not think we have better things to do than to chase up every rag, tag and bobtail rumour, innuendo and smear that anyone with a book to sell chooses to pump into the ether" Mandelson said at a conference in London. "We've got a...
    on Feb 22, 2010 By: Peter Mandelson Source:

  2. "I think it will be for the '08 or '09 [Autorama] show," said Mr. Foose, who started working in his father's car shop at 7. "We'll detune the engine to have in the neighborhood of 600 horsepower. I call it a bobtail. We still have a ton of...
    on Jul 27, 2006 By: Chip Foose Source: Dallas Morning News

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