blood-filled blood-filled


  • (adj) containing blood


  1. By then, packed nose, blood-filled eyes and all, Hull had assisted on one goal and scored three of his ownfor a record-tying total of eight in the series.
  2. Her doctors concluded that a blood-filled tumor had developed on the outer layer of the brain.
  3. Smith, who is one-half Pueblo, explicates the Indian psyche and bat pathology as deftly as he creates blood-filled characters.


  • Thug kills Brooklyn cabby by stabbing him in the eye with umbrella: sources

    Demetrius E. LoadholtThe blood-filled cab where a cabby was guesomely stabbed to through his eye. A cabby died a gruesome death in Brooklyn yesterday when a passenger fatally stabbed him through the eye with an umbrella during a robbery, law-enforcement sources said. After getting gored, the cabby continued to drive...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: New York Post

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