biotin biotin  /ˈbaɪ ə tən/


  • (n) a B vitamin that aids in body growth


  1. Solved at last is another great scientific mystery: the structure of the most powerful known chemicalbiotin, a rare, growth-promoting vitamin of the B-complex group.
  2. One gram of biotin dissolved in 25,000,000 gallons of water is enough to keep yeast cells alive.
  3. As they hoped, enough biotin passed through the placenta so that the baby, a girl named Nicole, was born healthy.


  • Ed Blonz: Biotin won't replace hairstylist

    Biotin is a vitamin that plays a role in the metabolism and synthesis of fats, amino acids and carbohydrates. It is important to have this nutrient in our diet, but it is only needed in small amounts.
    on September 13, 2013     Source: Contra Costa Times


  • Dr. Gross explains: "We know that we can't capture the S-nitrosylated bond itself, but this method uses a kind of surrogate, biotin, to stably replace NO at sites of S-nitrosylation. So the site of biotinylation in a protein becomes a kind of...
    on Mar 30, 2006 By: Sam Gross Source: Newswise (press release)

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