bilateralism bilateralism


  • (n) the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane



  • The Anglo-American negotiators agreed to do as much as they could to break down bilateralism and expand world markets.


  1. "I expect bilateralism will continue to rule the day on concrete negotiations," said Natasha Hamilton, political analyst at the National University of Singapore. "I very much doubt any ASEAN member would want to be tied down to the group's...
    on Nov 5, 2007 By: Natasha Hamilton Source:

  2. The stakes are too high to accept failure, Rato said, adding that failure to reach an agreement was feeding "a growing inclination towards at best bilateralism and at worst protectionism."
    on Sep 19, 2006 By: Rodrigo de Rato Source: Bangkok Post

  3. Musharraf said his country has pursued the peace process with India with "complete sincerity, giving bilateralism a final chance."
    on Sep 22, 2004 By: Pervez Musharraf Source: Sify

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