bestower bestower


  • (n) person who makes a gift of property



  1. The bestower of these tokens counts that day lost when he can commit no new crime against humanity.
  2. The Egyptians believed Jebel Barkal to be a prime residence of the god Amun, the bestower of royal authority--a notion that was later taken up by the Nubians.
  3. Between the hammers lives on our heart, as between the teeth the tongue, which, nevertheless, remains the bestower of praise.


  • What unusual Thanksgiving traditions have you participated in?

    I went to Denny’s every year that I was working retail, since they would not let me go home for Thanksgiving. We stole that from my girlfriend’s family, who did that every year since they did not cook for Thanksgiving. Clinton Shaver Santa Cruz | Beer Bestower
    on November 26, 2013     Source: Good Times


  • Fundraising has become a crucial component of the job, with money "such a priority that the president becomes more like a corporate businessman crafting partnerships and less like a public intellectual who might be a bestower of wisdom for the...
    on Feb 28, 2005 By: Stanley Fish Source: Christian Science Monitor

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